Historical Places in Makkah



A flat open area between mina and Arafat, in the province of Makkah, is name as Muzdalifah. It is one of the four important place related to Hajj. At one end it has Valley of Muhassar and at the other end lays the Mountains of Ma'zamayn.



Mount Arafa


Mina on 8th Dhul Hijjah

Historical Places in Madinah


Maqbaratul Baqi (Baqee)


Masjid Quba in Madinah


Masjidul Qiblatain in Madinah


Mount Uhud and site of battle

Eaalim Travel Advice

This Saudi Tour Guide service is for people who come with an Umrah, Business or Visitor visa and wish to travel to Saudi Arabia with a tour guide, visiting historical places in Makkah book itkaf in Ramadan 2018, Madinah or other cities. Eaalim Travel has staff, which is approved by the Saudi Commission of Tourism and with great experience and knowledge of the historical places.If you come with an Umrah visa, the visa restricts you to travel outside of Madinah Makkah and Jeddah Book itkaf in Ramadan 2014. If this is the case for you, then the tour guide will take you through all the historical places within those 3 cities, inshaAllah. However, if your visit or business invitation is not in Mekkah or Madinah you will be restricted to travel to these cities.