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The types of Hajj

Hajj is an obligation on all adult Muslims who can afford the expenses of pilgrimage to Makkah. It is also advised not to delay this obligation when there is no particular reason that stops them from performing it. There are three types of Hajj and it is important to understand the different types of Hajj before intending to perform Hajj.

There is sometimes a debate among the people about what type of hajj is best among these three types

The three types of Hajj are given below:

  1. The Tammatu
  2. The Qiraan
  3. The Ifraad

These types have been differentiated on the basis of some actions performed during these types. Here are some details for a layman to understand the difference between the different types of Hajj.

  1. The Tammatu: It is kind of interrupted pilgrimage. When a person enters the state of Ihram and performs Umrah and then terminates Ihram and enters this state again during the time of pilgrimage for Hajj, he is termed to have performed this type of Hajj.

For second Ihram, it is not binding on the pilgrim to enter the state of Ihram from Miqat, rather he can wear Ihram right from where he is residing in Makkah. On eighth of Dhulhajj, the Muslim pilgrim must enter the province of Ihram from Masjidul Haram.

The literal meaning of the word Tammatu is to enjoy a facility, and the person who performs this type of Hajj is called Mutamatti.

  1. The Qiraan: This type of Hajj is referred to when a pilgrim enters the state of Ihram with an intention of performing Hajj and Umra together. Qiraan is the best to perform when the pilgrim has sacrificial animal with him. The literal meaning of Qiraan is to combine two things and the pilgrim who performs such Hajj is called Qarin, because he combines Hajj and Umrah together.
  1. The Ifraad: Ifraad is a type of Hajj when a pilgrim enters the state of Ihram to perform only Hajj. This type of Hajj is for those Muslims who live in Makkah and also for those who live between Miqat and the limits of Masjid e haram. The person who performs this type of Hajj is called Mufrid as he does not combine Hajj and Umrah.

There is no binding on the pilgrims to perform a certain type of Hajj, rather he or she can choose to perform any of these according to his choice. There is sometimes a debate among the people about what type of hajj is best among these three types. There is a difference of opinion among the religious experts regarding this issue. Some experts hold the opinion that Tamatu and Qiraan are better because there is more effort required in both of these types. A few Ulema bolster the view that Ifraad is better as the Muslim will have enough time to focus on hajj.

It is also said that The Prophet (peace be upon him) favoured all three types as all of these are a great chance to make the pilgrim a better and virtuous Muslim and fulfils his obligation of performing Hajj.

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The types of Hajj

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