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What are the basic rulings to perform Umrah and Tawaf?

In every year, thousands of Muslims gathers in Mecca, Saudi Arabia to practice Umrah and Tawaf and seek the merciful blessings of Allah. Though the Hajj is a mandatory and can be only practiced in Zul Hijja, the last month of Islamic calendar, Umrah is not associated to a fixed time. there are four pillars of Umrah including ‘Ihraam’ (a state of purity), ‘Tawaaf’(the act of circumambulation around the Kaabah), ‘Sai’ (running back and forth between the small hills of’ Safa and Marwah’), and the last is ‘Tahal-lul’ meaning coming out of the Ihraam state and committing to avoid violating the Islamic laws.

In order to commence Umrah, Men and women are required to dress up in Ihram (a two piece white-colored garments). There are no restrictions for women to cover their heads and hands. It a must for every pilgrim to make an intention of Umrah in their souls and recite “Labayka Umrah” or “Allahumma Labayaka Umrah”. Once you enter the Ka’bah, the next step is to touch and kiss the black-colored embellished stone sited at the corner of Ka’bah. Since a huge crowd is observed in the palace, most of the people raise their hands towards the stone and chant “Allahu Akbar”.

Tawaf is the next pillar that refers to the seven circuits taken by every pilgrim in a clockwise direction. For men, the first three circuits are taken in hurried pace while the rest are taken in leisurely pace. After completing the Tawaf, Muslims pray two Ra’khas of Nafl and then move forward to run back and forth in the hills of Safa and Marwa to commemorate the struggle and patience of Ibrahim’s wife Hager. They also drink the water of Abe Zemzem to purify their souls. Once fulfilling all the terms, the pilgrims come out of the Ihram state and live a lawful life.

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What are the basic rulings to perform Umrah?

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