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Book Itikaf in Ramadan 2018

Eaalim Travels ensures fully guided ziyarah 2018, travel and other facilities in Madinah and Makkah. Just arrange visa from consulate or embassy and leave the rest to us.

In addition to travel and tours, we also arrange itikaf sessions for our valued clients in the month of Ramadan in the cities of Makkah and Madinah. Our expertise lies in making things simple and affordable. Right from your arrival to your departure, you would find us standing with you.

It is our ability to serve clients that helps us stay on top of the list of leading tour guides. And our efforts are to improve our services to give unique experience to our clients. We want you to go back happily with a smile on your face.

For itikaf services we provide you with all necessary things needed in your days and nights of dhikr and prayers. We offer you the best, comfortable and relaxing itikaf arrangements; so as to give you more time to spend in seclusion with the Almighty Allah.

Our services in itekaf also include the meal delivery on all the timings i.e. sehri and iftar, laundry services as per your demand, and a separate pillow and blanket for your comfortable nights in masjid.

We ensure that everything is done according to the needs of each and every individual keeping their individuality in mind. We make sure that our clients have a pleasant stay in hotels as well as in masjid during aitkaf by providing guidance on performing Aitkaf and its benefits.

We also make sure that the client has comfortable place in masjid with complete relaxation and ease to reach all the facilities and the main parts of masjid i.e. mutaf in Makkah and Roza in Madinah.

People from all over the world make tours and itikaf arrangements in Makkah & Madina and we are proud to say that most of them choose Eaalim Travel for guided tour service. We are considered the best because we are able to deliver the best. We are here to serve your needs and we can fulfill all your travel related needs in a hassle free manner.

Visit our website for more information on our services and packages plans. You can book our service from your home country and in this way you can save your time.

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Eaalim Travel is enthusiastic about imparting knowledge about the perfect example and life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and in doing so the idea is to create a deep love as well as connection with our Prophet ﷺ.

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