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Custodianship of the Kaba

Kaaba or Kaba i.e., the house of Allah جل و عز is cited at Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Thousands of pilgrims in the recent times visit the palace to practice their holy pilgrimage i.e., Hajj and Umrah. However, in the ancient Islamic period, there exist various governors and guardians of Kaaba. They include:

As per the narration of Umar bin Al-Khattab, the custodianship of the house of Allah جل و عز i.e., Kaba was initially provided to the Tasm. However, rather than performing the proper guardianship, the Tasm breached the holiness of the house and hence, the custodianship was then passed on to Jurhum. Similar to that of Tasm, Jurhum lost respect towards the Kaaba and disobeyed Allah’s جل و عز command thus, losing the post of custodianship of Kaaba. It is often said that whoever tried to violate the sanctity of Allah’s house has been demolished by the Almighty.

Likewise, after the guardianship of Jurhum, the post was given to Khuzzah and then Qusai bin Kilab. Qusai provided the custodianship of Kaaba to his son named Abdud Dar. At that time, the Haram of Mecca was often termed as the place of meeting as a large number of people besides visiting Mecca to practice Hajj or Umrah, visited the same to discuss the day to day affairs and held a meeting. The duty of taking care of the meetings in the Haram was also passed to Abdud Dar. Apart from meetings, there was also a role to provide assistance to the pilgrims coming from diverse corners of the world to Mecca to practice Hajj. The same duty was allotted to Abd Manaf as he was the only person responsible to offer water and provisions to the Muslims.

After getting retired from the role of custodianship, Abdud Dar forwarded the same responsibility to his son Uthman and similarly, the custodianship was passed by father to son and ultimately Uthman bin Talha became the gatekeeper of the house of Allah جل و عز.

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Custodianship of the Kaba

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