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What are the five pillars of Islam? Shahadah

According to the Islamic laws and beliefs of ancient scholars, there exist five essential pillars of Islam that are termed as a mandatory act to be performed by every Muslim men and woman. In order to live a responsible life following the virtuous path of Islam, the five pillars are essentiality. Besides the Islamic laws, it is often mentioned in the Islamic holy book Quran and Hadith that Allah provides a special reward to every Muslim to pronounce the Shahadah. At the same time, the punishment is reserved for the non-believers. The five major pillars of Islam are as follows:

1. Shahadah – it is the top-most pillar of Islam, the recitation of which describes the statement that there is no Lord except for Allah and the messenger of Allah is Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). Moreover, a person won’t be considered as a Muslim unless he agrees to the Shahadah and recites the same wholeheartedly.

2. Salah – Salah, commonly known as Namaaz, a five times regular prayer performed by the Muslims to invoke Allah. Salah is one of the most important pillars of Islam as every Muslim (except for the menstruating women) is necessitated to worship Allah every five times a day.

3. Zakat – it refers to the donation given on the part of your earnings to the poor and needy. Although the exact amount and calculation regarding Zakat are not allotted, the same is given as per the capability of a person.

4. Sawm – Sawm stands for fasting during the holy month of Islamic calendar i.e., Ramadan. Every Muslim excluding the sick, traveler, menstruating or pregnant women have to follow Sawm.

5. Hajj – Hajj is performed during Zul Hijja in Mecca. It is mandatory for the Muslim men and women to practice Hajj at least once in their entire life.

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What are the five pillars of Islam?

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