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What are the forms of Hajj and Umrah in Islam?

Hajj and Umrah are the two major types of pilgrimages in Islam that are practised in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Although both the pilgrimages require similar rituals and practices, pilgrims follow additional rituals in Hajj i.e., Zabiha (slaughtering of an animal in the name of Almighty), staying in Mina, and etc. Hajj is further classified into three types that are:

  1. Tamattu – as per the ancient tradition, if a person can’t afford to bring a sacrificing animal for Hajj then he has to convert his intention to perform Hajj of Tamattu (Umrah in Hajj). The rituals are almost alike i.e., the person has to commence the rituals with ‘Tawaf’ (seven circuits around the Kaabah), and then ‘Safa and Marwah’ (running back and forth in the valley of Safa and Marwah). On the day of 8th Dhul Hijja, pilgrims again wear Ihraam. However, this time they need to make the intention of practising Hajj.
  2. Ifraad – the pilgrims opting for Ifraad wear Ihraam with the intention of performing Hajj. He/she is required to practice the entire ritual of Hajj including Tawaf around Kaabah and Saai. However, pilgrims neither shave their heads nor clip the same until they accomplish the last ritual of throwing stones to ‘Shaitaan’. in short, Ifraad refers to the practice of Hajj only without opting for Umrah
  3. Qiraan – the Muslims wear Ihraam with the intention to perform both Hajj and Umrah. Qiraan and Ifraad are almost similar, however; the only difference between the two is that it is essential to slaughter an animal to practice Qiraan whereas it is not mandatory in Ifraad.

Though all the above mentioned classifications of Hajj are equally significant, Hajj of Tamattu was mostly preferred by Rasul Allah ﷺ as this is the major reason for why he used to invite people to follow the same. 

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What are the main forms of pilgrimage in Islam?

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