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What is the importance of Sadaqah in Islam?

The people always feel blessed and satisfied by executing the righteous deeds especially offering donation and endowment to the poor and needy. This is the major reason why mankind is still found in our earth. Islam always supports the virtuous acts. Every action that results in helping the needy person is termed as Sadaqah in Islam. Sadaqah is not a Sunnah rather the same is among the five essential pillars of Islam and thus, considered to be mandatory for all the Muslims. Although the majority of the people think that Sadaqah and Zakah possess similar meaning, the later is a part of Sadaqah.

According to prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), the entire activities of goodness are said to be charity. For instance, Dhikr of Allah, smiling in front of a Muslim brother, adopting the pious path and avoiding the evilness, directing another person, removing the hazardous objects in the path, and much more are the major types of Sadaqah.

The reward of spending a small portion of your wealth in the name of Almighty is enormous and is often compared to bowing a seed. A small seed results in gaining hundreds of grains within few days similarly, spending the earnings for the creator can fill you with indefinable rewards [Quran, 2: 261]. Besides Quran verses, the Tirmidhi Hadith state that on the very day of judgment, it will be the charitable act of the people that can safeguard them from the blazing fire. Moreover, Sadaqah eliminates the misfortunes and unpredictable suffering from the Muslim life.

Therefore, it is a must for every Muslim men and woman to participate in Sadaqah and be kind to the people. Charity is not limited to offering grants to the poor rather it is a continuous process of righteousness that helps one to seek the blessings of Allah.

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What is the importance of Sadaqah in Islam?

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