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Enter into a state of Ihram? Labbayk

Ihram is a white coloured, two-piece garments that are carried by the entire Muslim men and women going for Hajj. Generally, the pilgrims undergo the Ihram state before proceeding to Mina. The basic step to access the Ihram is to practice the Fard and Nafl prayer and pronounce “Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk”. This statement is mandatory to be recited by each pilgrim before proceeding to practice Hajj. The word Labbaik stands for answering the questions of Allah. It is also said to commemorate Ibrahim who invited the Muslims people to perform Hajj at least one time in their entire life and erase all their sins. The people from diverse corners of the earth i.e., from east, west, south, and north replied to the invitation by saying ‘Labbayk’.

Once the prayer is completed, the next step is to create the intention of performing Hajj. It is often believed that Hajj is not accomplished or considered until the pilgrim makes an intention to perform the same wholeheartedly. According to the historical Islamic records, the famous scholars said that Ihram is carried after making an intention and reciting ‘Talbiyah’. Though chanting the Talbiyah is a voluntary act, the same is termed to be one of the major preconditions of Hajj. Apart from the Hajj condition, Talbiyah has the same value and status in the Islamic prayers. Talbiyah should be recited every time the pilgrim travels, wake up from sleep, during the five times Namaaz, and other essential circumstances. The Muslim women should speak Talbiyah in a lower voice so that the men could not hear it. However, the women experiencing their menstrual period cannot opt for the recitation of the same.

After Talbiyah and intention, it is an essentiality for the Muslim men to examine whether the outfits they are wearing before entering the state Ihram is stitched or not? Basically, the men must remove all the stitched clothing before accessing Ihram.

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How to go into a state of Ihram?

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