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The last rites of Hajj and farewell Tawaf

Hajj pilgrimage is practised in the last Islamic month of Dhul Hijja in which thousands of people from diverse countries visit Mecca, Saudi Arabia. In order to successfully accomplish the Hajj pilgrimage, there exists several rites and tradition that Muslim men and women are necessitated to follow. Before the commencement of Hajj journey, pilgrims are required to access the state of Ihraam. They can only come out of this state after finishing the entire rites of Hajj. Mina is considered to be the concluding spot of Hajj. Pilgrims go for Mina in 8th Dhul Hijja and accommodate there for a night. They pray the five times Namaaz in Mina and spend the entire day chanting Allah’s name or reciting Quran.

After the sunrise, pilgrims sustain their journey by reaching Muzdalifah. They stay there for a night and ultimately proceed again to Mina the next day. Though the people usually accommodate in Muzdalifah for a night, the pilgrims suffering from any disorder and are unable to fulfil the Jamrah rituals can precede Mina in the night itself. They can complete the stones on Jamrah rites before the arrival of the crowd.

After arriving at Jamrah, Haj Pilgrims have to throw seven stones in the Pahar uttering Allahu Akbar after each consecutive throw. He has to sacrifice an animal by slaughtering it. Pilgrim has to consume some part of the meat whereas the rest should be contributed to the poor. After this, the men can shave their heads and women can clip the same. With this, the pilgrims can come out of the Ihraam state and wear their daily normal outfits and can practice their regular activities. However, they must still avoid the intimate relationship with their spouse.

The pilgrims have to perform the farewell Tawaf and Sa’i in Mecca. It is also believed that Muslims must wear perfume on their body before proceeding to Mecca for the concluding Tawaf.

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The last rites of Hajj

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