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Masjidul Qiblatain in Madinah

Masjid Qiblatain (masjid of two Qiblas) is one of three most important masjids in Madinah built in early days after hijrah, along with Masjid Quba and Masjid Nabwi. Here was the great event of changing of Qibla happened in Rajjab 2 hijri.

During the early 13 years of prophethood spent in Makkah and the fir 16 months of stay in madina, Prophet ﷺ used to offer prayers facing towards Masjid Bait Al-Maqdas in Jerusalem. The Prophet ﷺ had a solid wish that Qibla for Muslims ought to be towards Ka’aba, Makkah.

So in the month of Rajjab 2nd hijri, after 16 months of migration when on day Prophet ﷺ was praying Duhur (at most places it is said asr prayer) with His companions, after 2 rakahs of the prayer, command came to Prophet ﷺ to turn towards Ka’aba in Makkah, Angel Jibrael communicated this command and held Prophet ﷺ hand and turned him in that direction.

At that moment Hazrat Ali and a few Muslims followed Prophet ﷺ and turned towards Ka’aba, the others were still confused.~

Jews were not happy on this change also some hypocrites reverted back to Judaism or paganism. Jews took as advantage and provoked them, some of the reverends went to Prophet ﷺ and asked to change the orientation to Jerusalem. They would accept Islam after the orientation is changed. At this time a revelation came [Quran, 2:145]

Prophet of Allah, Muhammad ﷺ also stated that the  Jews and Christians envy the Muslims for the following 3 reasons:

1. Friday which they are deprived.

2. The Kibla or Qiblah that Allah granted the Muslims.

3. The Amin (recited after Surah Fatihna in prayer) behind the Imaam.

Initially this Masjid Qiblatain had two mehrabs; one facing towards Jerusalem and the other facing towards Makkah. When Ottoman Empire took over, it was renovated and only the mehrab facing Makkah was left and the other one was demolished.

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Masjidul Qiblatain in Madinah

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