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When a Muslim intends to perform Hajj to complete his religion and please his Lord, he has to follow some principles and procedures to perform his hajj in acceptable manner. A pilgrim intending to travel for Hajj has to wear Ihram from the point of Miqat. Ihram is a special unstitched dress, which will be discussed later.

It is mandatory to enter the state of Ihram at mawaqeet

Miqat (plural Mawaqeet) is a pre designated point from where the pilgrim has to maintain the state of Ihram. Miqat can be described in two senses of the word. First of all, miqat can be termed in time, such as the months of Hajj. Secondly, Miqat is in the terms of place or location from where the pilgrims wear Ihram and start following the certain instructions and prohibitions of Ihram.

Miqat or mawaqeet in the sense of location are different for pilgrims arriving in Makkah from different places. These places have been communicated to the pilgrims by their religious ministry in advance.

It is mandatory to enter the state of Ihram at mawaqeet, and if somebody violates this rule, he has to go back, wear Ihram and enter Mawaqeet again and also offers sacrifice as repentance.

Mawaqeet have been explained below:

  1. Dthul Hulaifa: Also known as Abbyar Ali, this is Miqat for the Hajj pilgrims coming from Madina and also for those who will cross it during the travel. Its distance from Makkah is 435 kilometers.
  2. Al-Juhfah: This is the miqat for hajj pilgrims from Egypt, Syria and those who will cross these countries during travel. It is located near Rabigh, at a distacnne of about 180 kilometers from Makkah. There is a trend to enter the state of Ihram from Rabigh these days.
  3. Yalamlam: This point of Miqat is designated for the hajj pilgrims coming from Yemen and the neighboring countries and also those pilgrims who will travel for Hajj and pass through those countries. It is in fact, a valley located at a distance of 92 kilometers from Makkah
  1. Qarn al-Manazil: Also known as Ass-Sayl Al-Kabeer, this is miqat for those hajj pilgrims who will be coming from or traveling through Najd and Taif. It is located 75 kilometers from the city of Makkah. Highest point on this miqat is the valley of Muhram.
  1. Dthat Irq: It is actually a valley, located at a distance of 100 kilometers from Makkah. This is miqat for those who reside in Iraq, Khurasaan, Najd, neighboring towns and also for those travelers who cross these areas.

It has to be noted that the residents of the area within the miqat can assume the state of Ihram from their residences. Those Muslims who live in Makkah and intend to perform Hajj may enter the state of Ihram from Makkah.

Those pilgrims who are traveling to Makkah from other directions have to assume the state of Ihram from a point nearest to the miqat in alignment with the miqat of his own area. Religious ministries give all relevant information to the Hajj pilgrims in this regard.




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