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Miqat: What is the meaning of Miqat in Hajj?

Miqat is the spot at which the Muslims pilgrims of Hajj access the state of Ihram by wearing a white coloured garment. There are mainly six Miqat points out of which the five were arranged and decided by Prophet Mohammed . According to the traditional records, it is an essentiality for the pilgrim to wear Ihram before arriving at Meeqath zone in Mecca. Generally, most of the Muslims prefer wearing Ihram in the airport only; some also opt for the same in the plane. Usually, an announcement is made by the pilot before an hour of the arrival of Miqat zone to let the pilgrims change their attire. The five famous Miqat point are as follows:

1. Dhul-Hulayfah – this spot is sited at a distance of around 10 kilometres from Madinah. This spot is considered as Miqat for the Muslims that either resides in Madinah or those who preferred reaching Mecca from the route of Madinah.

  •  Juhfah – at a location of 190 kilometres away from Mecca, Juhfah is the Miqat spot created for the people that opt the arrival to Mecca via Syria route
  • Qarn ul-Manzil – commonly called as Meeqath Al-Sail, this Meqat point is situated 85 Kilometers away from al-Haram. This Miqat is designed for the people residing or following the path of Najd region, Saudi Arabia.
  • Yalamlam – a small town located in the state of Mecca that serves the pilgrims of Hajj living in or approaching from Yemen in Yalamlam.
  • Dhat-Al-Irq – this spot is especially decided as Miqat for the pilgrims approaching from Iraq, Iran, and other such countries to Mecca. At a distance of around 85 kilometres from Mecca, this spot is sited at a rural place in the province of Mecca i.e., 55 kilometres away from highway 40.

Whether the pilgrim is going for Hajj or Umrah, wearing the Ihram before the arrival of the Meqat point is a must.

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What is the meaning of Miqat in Hajj?

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