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What is the meaning of state of Ihram for Muslims?

Each year around million of Muslims belonging to different sections of the world gathers in Mecca, a holy city of Muslim in Saudi Arabia to perform the holy practice i.e., Hajj. Although Zul Hijja is considered as the major Islamic month to practice this ritual, people can also go for ‘Umrah’ which can be practiced any time throughout the year. According to the verses of Quran, Hajj comes under the five essential pillars of Islamic faith and is a necessity for all those who can afford. In order to commence the Hajj pilgrimage, the utmost consideration is getting under the state of Ihram, a state that is linked to physical as well as spiritual purity in Muslims.

Men are required to dress in white-coloured two-piece attire that is unadorned and plain. The first piece of this outfit is wrapped in the midriff section of the men’s body to cover the lower area while the other piece is swathed in the upper portion. In case of women, the similar outfit is considered however, it’s fitting must be loose and the hairs of women should be covered by the scarf or any cloth. Moreover, there is no prohibition on women to hide their face. The men and women are not permitted to wear scent or any perfume in Ihram instead ‘Ittar’ should be used.

Once the pilgrim is accessed in the state of Ihram, he is obliged to certain restrictions. One of which is that the practitioners cannot cut their hair or nails in the entire journey. However, if the hair falls automatically or the act is done due to forgetfulness then it is excused. Furthermore, engaging in a sexual relationship with your spouse during the days of Hajj and Ihram state is strictly forbidden and must be avoided by the pilgrims.

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What is the meaning of state of Ihram?

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