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Mount Uhud and site of battle

The largest mountain range in North of Madinah is Uhud. It consists of a group of mountains that extends from the east to the west with a length of seven kilometers and width is almost three kilometers, which lies at a distance of 5km from Masjid Nabwi.

The Prophet ﷺ loved this mountain and would declare this love.

This Mount is related to a historic Islamic Battle between Quraish of Makkah and Muslims of Madinah. This was the second military encounter between these forces. Makkans wanted a revenge for Badr Battle, this plan of attack was told to Prophet ﷺ and he decided not to let Quraish enter Madinah to fight, instead they should meet outside the city.

The two armies met each other in Valley of Uhud among these Uhud mountains, Quraish under command of Abu Sufiyan, Ikrama bin Abi Jahl and Khalid Bin Waleed; while Muslims were under command of Prophet ﷺ along with Zubair bin al-Awwam (r.a.), Mundhir bin Amr (r.a.) and Hamza. Musa’b bin Umair was the standard bearer.

Some archers were instructed to position on Mountain as to protect attack from that side, but they disobeyed.

This disobeying of archers costs some big losses to Muslims, Hamza and Musa’b bin Umair were killed, while Prophet Himself got injured and bleed heavily due to damage to helmet. After this Muslims had to withdraw from there and Quraish didn’t pursue more and returned to Makkah declaring victory.

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Mount Uhud and site of battle

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