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What are the necessary regulations to Hajj pilgrims? Umrah in Hajj

Umrah in Hajj: There are thousands of people observed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia during the last month of Islamic calendar i.e., Dhul Hijja to practice Hajj and seek the merciful blessings of Allah و جل عز. However, performing Hajj involves various rules to be followed to make the pilgrimage acceptable by Allah و جل عز. The very first rule states that a pilgrim who desires to go for Hajj pilgrimage must abide by the Islamic laws of Hajj mentioned in Quran and does not commit an evil act. Besides, he/she must not worship any other Lord (Shirk) than Allah و جل عز or imitate other religion. For instance, a Hajj pilgrim must not wear a gold ring especially if it a wedding ring since it is often referred to imitating Christians. Similarly, the men should not shave their beards as it is equivalent to four diverse sins. Prophet Mohammed said that the one who practices Hajj without violating the restrictions eliminates the entire evil deeds and sins he practised in his life. Hence, the person becomes like a newborn baby that is free from any wrong deed, sin, and other evil acts.

The second rule mentions that people that cannot afford or have not brought an animal for slaughtering and sacrificing must intend to practice ‘Hajj of Tamattu’ (Umrah in Hajj). The authentic narrations state that Rasul Allah asked for his companions (those who didn’t bring a sacrificing animal for Hajj) to get out of the Ihram state and convert their intention to Umrah in Hajj. The same concept is mentioned in the Quran [Soorat-al Anfal, Ayah 24] that pilgrims must intend to perform Umrah. Although Muslims can call out and transform their intention while entering Mecca or Safa and Marwa, it is advisable to do the same within three months of Hajj.

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What are the necessary regulations to Hajj pilgrims?

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