Umrah News When does Pilgrim Visits Safa and Marwah?

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When Does Pilgrims Visit Safa and Marwah?

The rites of Umrah begin with the seven Tawaf taken around Kaabah in Mecca. After finishing the seven circuits, pilgrims are required to pray two Rakha’s and visit the hills of Safa and Marwah. Pilgrims run back and forth in the hills of Safa and Marwah often known as Mas’aa to commemorate the struggle and patience of Ibrahim’s wife who went to these hills in search of basic provision for the infant Ismail.

Once the pilgrim reaches Al-Safa, he is required to ascend the hill and recite the Takbirah thrice and sustain his walk to Al-Marwah. Pilgrims have to follow the normal pace while moving between Safa and Marwah until they reach the green marker. It is often said that after reaching the green marker, pilgrims should walk as fast as they can to arrive at the next green mark. Once the pilgrim arrives Marwah, he then climbs up the hill, raise the hands upward in the direction of Qiblah and recite Takbirah (Allahu Akbar) three times. After descending from Al-Marwah, pilgrims replicate their walk to Safa and Marwah following the green marker. This procedure has to be carried on unless the pilgrim accomplishes the seven rounds in Mas’aa. The Muslims can recite Quran Ayah’s or chant Allah’s name while running in the hills.

Since Safa and Marwah is the last ritual of Umrah, Muslim men shave their heads after finishing it. On the other hand, women must tie her hair with clip. However, if the pilgrim practices Umrah during the days of Hajj then he has to shave the hairs after Hajj. With this, Umrah pilgrimage gets completed and the pilgrim can come out of the Ihram state. However, after completing Umrah, it is a Fard (mandatory) for Muslims to follow the pious path of Islam and avoid committing sins.

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