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How Prophet Muhammad ﷺ invite to follow Islam?

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is Allah’s messenger who is mainly known for bringing Islam into the world. In order to let people follow the righteous path of Allah و جل عز, Rasul Allah ﷺ commenced the same by following Quranic direction. In this way, he became the very first follower and believer of Allah و جل عز and Islam. According to the Quran verses [Surah-al Anam, 6:162], there is no doubt to say that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is the leader of Muslim community and the founder of Islam. After following the Quranic guidance, he invited the people to follow the same path, worship no Lord than Allah و جل عز, follow the five pious pillars of Islam and seek the fruitful rewards from Allah و جل عز.

It is often said that following Prophet’s ﷺ way aids one to ensure their access to ‘Jannah’ (paradise). This way generally involves the guidance, morals, saying, believes, Hadith, and manners of Rasul Allah ﷺ. Therefore, it is a must for every Muslim to follow the Sunnah of Rasul Allah ﷺ and live a pious life.

The Islamic records state that Allah و جل عز has constructed a house i.e., Paradise with entire facilities and provisions. He then sent Prophet Mohammed ﷺ in the earth and asked him to invite and call people to follow Islam and get entry to the paradise. Prophet Mohammed ﷺ acted the same way Allah و جل عز desired and asked the people to join Islam by conducting five pillars of Islam and agreeing to the fact that there is no Lord but Allah و جل عز. The people who accepted the same and followed the path shown by Mohammed ﷺ and led the sacred life would reserve their place in Jannah. However, those who refuse the invitation of Rasul Allah ﷺ would remain deprived of the provisions of Jannah and the entry to the same.

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How Prophet Mohammed ﷺ invited the people to follow Islam?

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