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Rewards of Practising Umrah

Umrah is the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed that is often termed as a minor Hajj. It can be practised throughout the year excluding the few essential days of Hajj. The major rewards that the pilgrims are entitled to include:

  • Being a guest of Allah – according to the narrations of Abu Hurairah, the three kind of people are considered as the guest of Allah i.e., the Ghazi (the soldier that clash in Jihad in the name of Allah), the Haaji (a pilgrim that visits the house of Allah to practice Hajj in Dhul Hajj, the last month of Islamic calendar), and the Mutamir (one who visits Mecca to practice Umrah, the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed  ).
  • Visit Medina – Medina is the popular city due to its historical significance and its connection with Prophet Mohammed . The messenger of Allah migrated to Medina and was buried in the same place. Medina is located at a distance of around 445 kilometres from the holy city Mecca so that the pilgrims opting for Umrah can visit Medina and seek the blessings of Allah and his messenger. It is often said that people should recite Darood Sharif on the way of Medina.
  • Expiation of sins – apart from the narrations of several famous scholars of Islam, Prophet Mohammed   himself mentioned that the Allah erase the entire sins of the person practising Hajj and Umrah. So the pilgrim after accomplishing the rites of Umrah comes out as the newborn baby who is free from the sins and wrong deeds. However, it is essential to note that it is the duty of the pilgrims to follow the righteous path (the deeds that are approved by Islamic laws) after completing Hajj and Umrah.
  • The reward equal to Jihad – the reward of Umrah is equivalent to that of performing Jihad. So even without the actual Jihad, one can avail the reward of Jihad.
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Rewards of Practising Umrah

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