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What is the role of Salah in Islam for Muslims?

Salah is a major form of worship offered by every Muslim to Allah regularly five times a day. It is a mandatory act that is necessitated to be performed every day without any excuse and exemption. The topic of Salah has been mentioned several times in the Muslims holy book Quran. Allah has emphasized the significance of praying Namaaz in Quran and the additional benefits which the practitioner would receive. The prayer not only assist one to get connected with Allah but the same also safeguard the practitioner from the evil spirits i.e., ‘Shaitan’. Besides the protection, there are much more rewards offered in the afterworld to the practitioners.

As per the Muslim beliefs, there is no method to invoke Allah however; one can do the same by regular practice of Salah. Allah has further mentioned in Quran that any invocation that results during Salah or after that is a valid and acceptable act rather than the invocation done in other practices. Thus, to seek the merciful blessings of Allah, Muslims must prefer praying the five times Namaaz on a regular basis and ask for the forgiveness and glory from the Almighty.

Another important factor is leading to ‘Taqwa’ commonly known as the trail of righteousness. The Muslims scholars and Hadith state the instructions, freedom, constraints, and education regarding the Islamic beliefs to transform the person into a pious. However, besides Sadaqa, Quran recitation, Fasting (Sawm), Hajj, Salah is one of the major pillars of Islam that aids the practitioner to follow the right path. Moreover, the Muslims are accountable in the afterlife for the entire deeds they did in the earth. Likewise, Allah offers a special reward to the person who prefers praying the 5 times Salah regularly. Therefore, in order to connect with Allah and receive the afterlife awards, Salah is a must.

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What is the role of Salah in Islam?

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