Aqeedah shahadah he first pillar of IIslam

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What is the meaning of Shahadah in Islam?

Shahadah is the top-most pillar of Islam that is considered as mandatory for the entire Muslim men and women. The statement “La Ilaaha Illa Allah” refers to the fact that there exists no Lord except for Allah and “Mohammed al Rasul Allah” stands for the fact that Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) is Allah’s messenger. For the unbelievers and Non-Muslims who decide to follow the path of Islam, Shahadah is the first basic ritual and necessity to abide by. Allah mentioned the importance of this statement in the Islamic holy book ‘Quran’ saying that whoever recites the Shahadah faithfully and wholeheartedly will be defended from the evil obstacles in his/her entire life. Besides those who desire to be a part of Islam, the Muslims must know the meaning, significance, conditions, principles, and benefits of praying Shahadah.

Shahadah further clarifies that Allah is alone and he is the creator of the entire universe. According to the famous narration of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), there is nothing better than invoking and remembering Allah. Whether you are stuck in a trouble or leading a happy life, remembrance of Allah is an essentiality. There is no doubt that chanting Shahadah is one of the most appropriate ways to call Allah following Salah, Zakat, Hajj, and Sawm.

Generally, Muslims use to chant the statement during the beginning of the prayers, ‘Tashahud’, between and after the Dhikr of Allah, early in the morning, and in the evening. Though it has not specified the number of times a person should recite it, the larger you recite more are the rewards. This ‘Kalima’ would not only safeguard the practitioner in the earth but this would be the first question asked in the grave to every Muslim. Moreover, it is often believed that Shahadah is the key factor that enables the path of paradise.

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What is the meaning of Shahadah in Islam?

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