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Madinah Tour
Visit Historical Sites in Al Madinah Al munawarah
£ 70 60
What i get

Visit historical sites for only 60 GBP Per PersonCome and visit the historical places in Madinah with a local and professional Saudi tour guide who knows the history of al Madinah al munawarah.

Itikaaf Arrangement 2014
Perfom Itikaaf in Makkah and Madinah 2014
£ 32 25
What i get

Last 10 Days Itikaaf for only 25 GBP Per daySave money with us, no need to hire a hotel we will look after you in I'tikaaf book now! only 25 GBP per day for 10 days in the two haramains.

Make transportation option with this Service
£ 280 256
What i get

Only 256 GBP For Your TransportationPay one price and get three options for private transport in Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah make your own choice with this service for transportation.

Makkah Tour
Visit Historical Sites in Makkah Al mukarramah
£ 70 60
What i get

visit historical sites for only 60 GBP Pre PersonStudy the seerah with Eaalim Travel saudi tour guides, increase your love for the prophet pace and blessings be upon him.

Shopping Service
Shopping in Holy Cities Makkah & Madinah
£ 150 130
What i get

Only 130 GBP For Shopping with a ChauffeurGo shopping in Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah with a chauffeur and a shopping guide who will take you to the most cheapest markets in Saudi.

Qurbani Service
Buy and distribute Qurbani in Makkah
£ 140 99
What i get

Only 99 GBP For Qurbani in MakkahNow your Charity can reach the poor in Makkah through us , we perform the Qurbani on your behalf for Sadaqa , Aqiqa, Udhiyah, Fidyah and Hady.


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