Cheap Hajj Packages 2018 & 2019

While traveling for Haj, you might need to look for cheap hajj packages from local operators.

Cheap haj packages are affordable and let you perform haj or umra within budget with ease. Different operators offer variety of cheap hajj packages depending upon income, age, number of persons etc. You can get the complete information about cheap hajj packages from the internet also or you can personally visit the offices of the tour operators.

Islam is based and stands on five pillars; Shahadat, Salah, Zakat, Sawm, and Hajj. Each pillar is essential for every Muslim to perform for the purification of his soul. Hajj is listed as the fifth pillar and the next step for every Muslim to perform after the completion of first four pillars. But, not every Muslim can perform hajj and it is also not mandatory for those who can’t afford to go to perform Hajj. Hajj is the name of number of worships performed by Muslim during Hajj.

There are some rituals of performing Hajj with cheap hajj packages, like everyone will wear ihram before crossing the place of Miqat. It can be described as a way to show the equality of all Muslims. It doesn’t matter who you are and what background you belong to, everyone is equal for Allah and the way performing Hajj is same for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a king or a servant. This act of equality passes the message of brotherhood among Muslims as everyone is performing and worshipping Allah with their pure intentions.

Cheap Hajj requires number of worships and rituals which require travelling from one place to other. Pilgrims arrive from Miqat and stay at Arafat for a day. After that they stay at Mina and Muzdalfa for night and pick stones to throw at Satan. They are also required to shave their head or cut hair and also sacrifice an animal and final Tawaf before leaving.

Every ritual performed on Hajj from Arafat to staying for night at Mina has a significant history behind it. As the prophet Ibrahim (A.S) threw stones at three pillars to stop getting disturbing thoughts about disobeying Allah. The struggle of his wife between the mountains in Arafat was made a mandatory ritual because of its value. During the stay at Mina and Muzdalfa at night, pilgrims spend entire night in prayers and worship and pick stones as mentioned before.

Cheap hajj packages pilgrims sacrifice an animal on 10th of zilhaj in the name of Allah after shaving or cutting their hair to repeat another historical event of Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) in which he agreed to sacrifice his son in the name of Allah. As we all know that Allah replaced his son with an animal at very last moment before he slaughtered the replaced animal.

All pilgrims on the cheap hajj package deal will commence the final Tawaf known as Tawaf-e-wada is performed by pilgrims after performing all the obligatory duties, before going back to their homes.

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