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In the month of Haj, Muslims from different countries travel to Makkah for Haj and Umra, taking help of the Hajj and Umra travel agents for cheap umrah packages from their countries. Many people wish to travel for Umrah but are unable to find cheap umrah packages. That is why some good operators offer competitive and cheap umrah packages for limited income group.

Haj, is one of the five pillars of Islam and one of the basic commandments from Allah swt. Like every other act, there are some basic rules and spiritual rituals of this holy act. One of the prerequisites of Haj is ihram, a costume worn by all individuals with the intentions of performing Haj or Umra.

So what is ihram?

Traditionally ihram is thought to be a name given to an unstitched white cloth worn by male pilgrims for, however that is only one facet of ihram. Ihram is a wide umbrella term which encompasses many features and elements, which are to be fulfilled to complete the conditions of being in an ‘ihram’.


Why ihram?

From the destination of Miqat every individual is expected to uphold his state of ihram physically and spiritually. But the question is why ihram? When an individual intends to perform Haj, he does not only make intentions to worship Allah, but also intends to come out of the worldly pleasures and spend time only to please Him ,the owner of this universe, and sideline all the worldly differences created by men among themselves. By wearing simple, non-lavish, 2 pieces of cloth, every rich becomes equivalent to poor and every poor becomes equivalent to the rich, and no difference are left behind neither ethnic nor monetary. Cheap umrah packages is available for limited period only.

Conditions/rules of ihram:

  • Trimming or shaving any body hair is forbidden during the state of Ihram. Cutting finger or toe nails is also forbidden.
  • The Muslim men are not allowed to cover their heads while they are wearing Ihram.
  • Stitched clothes or shoes are disallowed.
  • Muslim women, however, wear Ihram in a different way. They can wear any dress as per Islamic instructions, but they are not allowed to cover their face during Ihram.
  • Killing and hunting of animals is strictly forbidden during the state of Ihram.
  • Having marital relations is forbidden.
  • Using perfume and deodorants, make up items or cosmetics are disallowed.
  • .In addition to this, looking flirtatiously at other women, entertaining filthy thoughts, using dirty language, fighting, swearing and smoking is also not allowed for the Muslims during the state of Ihram.

Basic purpose of ihram:

The sole aim of all these rules is to ensure unity among the Muslim community and make one realize that in the akhirah all the human beings and jinn has to stand along, answerable for their deeds conducted in this world. Ihram is a blessing from our Rabb which helps to wipe away bad habits from our lived and sustain spiritual and physical purity.

Muslims dress alike, abide by the rules and regulations, and concentrate on their relation with their Creator and ask for His forgiveness in ihram, which helps them to strengthen their will power and have control over their nafs.

Ihram is a mediator to end the arrogance, snobbishness, selfishness and disciplines one’s wants, because ‘Islam does not restrict the desires but disciplines them’.

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