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After making the initial preparations completing the obligations and principles of ihram which includes restrictions from smoking, drinking, fighting, killing animals, usage of scents and perfume, and fulfilling the requirements, pilgrims shall start travelling towards Makkah Mukarma. In ancient times due to lack of communication technology, people planned their Hajj and Umrah journey months earlier, since it took a long time to cover distances with animals and horses, which were the only source of communication at that time.

Hajj and Umrah

Today, with the advancement and evolutionary changes in the transport world, it is easier to cover larger distances in very short passage of time using sea and air transport lines. With all these advancements, people can easily reach the holy place from far flung areas, using air transport.

Those who intend to visit Makkah for Hajj and Umrah, go to their local Hajj and Umrah travelling agencies and tour operators for cheap and affordable Hajj and Umrah packages according to their travel plan and budget.

People living nearby in the same city or at neighboring cities prefer road transports. Whatever the means of transport chosen the pilgrims need to ensure the prescribed rules and manners ensuring complete respect and purity.

The holy Kaaba, situated in Masjid ul haram, holds a crucial significance in the history of Islam. It is considered to be house of Allah swt, which was constructed by Prophet Ibrahim A.S. hundreds of years ago. Before the time our last prophet hazrat Muhammad PBUH, it remained a worship place for non-believers, where they conducted practices of idolatry. A stone, famously known as hajre aswad, is embedded in the holy Kaaba which plays an equally important role in the Islamic history. Muslims offer their prayers 5 times a day at the haram. The place becomes overly crowded during the time of Ramadan Umrah.

It is advised to enter Makkah for Hajj and Umrah from the upper side and preferably during day time. However, those who travel by air are dependent on flight timings. There is no harm in entering at night too. When the pilgrims reach Masjid e Haram, they should enter through the gate As-Salam. While they enter the gate they should recite some Arabic lines.

When the pilgrims see the Holy House of Allah, the holy Kaaba, they should recite some Arabic words.

After saying this, the pilgrims start walking around the Holy Kaaba and complete Tawaf. Taking seven rounds of the Holy Kaaba is an obligatory part of Umra and Haj.




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