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The obligation of Hajj is imposed upon all the adult Muslims. For the most part, it is strongly encouraged that if the Muslim has the money he must not delay this Fardh (obligation) without any genuine reason. Like every year haj and umra operators are crafting plans for hajj packages in 2018 & 2019.


Hajj also has its kind and an individual must understand the different type or branches of it.

Following are the 3 types of hajj commonly known:

  • The Tammatu
  • The Qiraan
  • The Ifraad

The types have been forms on the rationale of the different actions performed in each of them. Let us talk clear and differentiate each for a more vivid view.

The Tammatu

This type of hajj packages is a facilitated and interrupted hajj, in which an individual is permitted to enter into the state of ihram and perform the rituals of umrah and then subsequently take a break and then enter into state of ihram later again. On the second adoption of the state ihram one is not expected to begin from the point of miqaat but any place where he has resided. Muslims are expected to ensure state of ihram at the 8th of Dhilhaj. An individual who opts for this kind of hajj is commonly known as ‘mutammati’.

The Qiraan:

The word qiraan literally means ‘to combine two things’. So what is being combined here? It is hajj and umrah combined together. Qiraan is preferred by those hajis who want to sacrifice animal in their course of journey. An individual opting for this kind of hajj is known as ‘ qarin’.

The ifraad:

This the third type of hajj. This type is conducted when an individual enters into the state of ihram solely for the intentions of hajj. Hajis living in the regions of makka mukarma and those living nearby miqaat and masjid e haram are the ones who prefer this. The performer of this kind of hajj is known as mufrid.

There is no hard and fast rule or obligation for opting for any of these kind of hajj. An individual may choose any according to his own convenience. Though there is a conflict of perceptions between the Islamic scholars and experts upon the superiority of each type on each other. Some scholars believe tammatu and qiraan are better, given that they require the individual to strive more and make extra efforts, while in contrary an arguments is placed in favor of ifraad for which it is said that this type helps to concentrate on the core area more.

Our Prophet (peach be upon him) favored all three types, given that an individual devoted himself completely spiritually and physically towards the ibadat and obedience of Allah swt.

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The cheapest hajj packages 2018 article discusses the different types which include; ifraad; qiraan; tamattu of hajj performed by the pilgrims and the importance and procedure of each. The judgment of Islamic scholars and preference given by them to each are also discussed, highlighting which type is appropriate for the types of pilgrims. If you want to avail any of these cheap hajj packages in 2018 & 2018, you have to contact reliable tour operators who offer best service for cheap hajj packages in 2018 & 2019.

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