Umrah Packages Plus 2018 & 2019

Good news at your door step today! Umrah Packages 2018….

Live in London or surroundings? Want to go for umrah? Have a limited budget? No problem!

A Muslim works all his life to cherish the moment of being a ‘haji’, hajj is one of the dreams come true of many deprived or lesser privileged people. We have been bestowed by the blessing of helping those dreams come true with our valuable services.

Umrah Packages

We proudly announce that we intend to offer you best possible affordable umrah packages 2018 & 2019 this year once again, following many previous successful years of services, Alhamdulillah! Previous promising years of satisfied clients with economical and quality guaranteed packages are expected to be accomplished in the coming times too. Residence in the lovely place like Makah can now be afforded at a reasonable range.

We offer flexible range of packages accommodating all the income brackets, for you to choose as per your requirements and budget. The umrah packages 2018 & 2019 include 7, 10, and 14 nights stay in hotels including the stay in Makah and Medina as well.

Special deals on demand   

Want to plan umrah this year anytime in 2018? Then, it’s high time! Make your bookings immediately and avail our special deals on demand. Muslim brothers and sisters residing in London can now fulfill the obligation of performing Umrah without worrying for the travel expenses and can afford luxurious stay according to the choice of the package.

Visit historical places

Availing our package will give you the pleasure of enjoying the visit to various historical places including: site of martyrs of Fakh, Jable Rehmat, Mina, Muzdalifah, Arafat, Masjid e Nimra, Masjid Quba, masjid e Nabawi, site of Ghazwa e badr and Ghazwa e uhud, Makah museum and many other valuable places which play a significant role in the history of Islam. Our package will help you to make your trip memorable at the most reasonable price.

Best accommodations

To ensure the comfort of our valuable customers we offer packages which includes stay at Makah in Jwaharat Al Eiman Hotel. The location is only 750 meters away from the haram, therefore allowing the pilgrims to avoid any transportation expenses and regularly be able to reach the holy place which is at the walking distance.

On the other hand in Madina, we prefer to offer hotels like Al Waha, Al Rawdah Hotel or other hotels with the same star rating, as our sole purpose is to ensure the comfort of our clients. These hotels are also amazingly situated near the masjid e haram. All rooms are appropriately air conditioned with the facility of private bath and satellite television for the pilgrims residing when you book Umrah Packages 2018 with Eaalim Travel.

Deluxe Umra Packages

Our umrah packages 2018 are similarly customer focused ensuring their needs and wants. We are currently offering  deluxe umra packages 2018 & 2019 which comprises of choice of 7-night, 10-night or 14-night stay, including stay in Makah and madina in any two hotels. Our preference is to provide luxury hotels to our customers such as Dar Al Eiman Ajyad Hotel, where you can avail free Wi-Fi in public areas and satellite television in rooms in addition to all other essential facilities. The chosen hotels are ensured to be nearest to the haram to ensure ease for the pilgrims, because we are all about customers.

In Madina, Umrah Packages 2018 & 2019 offers pilgrims accommodation in Dar Al Eiman Qebla Hotel, offering all facilities including air-conditioning, private bathrooms and luxurious rooms. This hotel is only at walking distance from Masjid e nabawi.

The world is changing and is getting expensive each day, but we haven’t changed even today unless for good, plan your dreams with us at the most economical prices!

You may contact us for further details regarding Umrah Packages 2018 & 2019.

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