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The way to access Ihram for Hajj?

The practice of Hajj is considered as the necessary act that every adult Muslim men and woman should practice (only if they are financially and physically capable). Whether the pilgrim is going for Hajj or preferring Umrah, Ihram is the top-most condition that the pilgrim should enter in order to commence their pilgrimage. The foremost rule to enter the state of Ihram is Niyyah i.e., one should form an intention to practice Hajj in the name of Allah. Though the pilgrim is not necessitated to utter the Niyyah verbally, the same should be formed internally.

The Ihram is the white-coloured cloth that is worn by the pilgrims before passing the Meeqats. Meeqat is the point in which the men and women wear Ihram. Most of the time, pilgrims carry this outfit from their native lands especially if they are travelling through the aeroplane. This is because the plane doesn’t stop at the Meeqat point but the announcement is made after the arrival of the Meeqat point so that the people can access the Ihram. If the pilgrim enters the state after the Meeqat point then his Niyyah and Ihram are considered as unacceptable. The Ihram mainly comprises trimming of the fingernails, cleaning the pubic hairs, performing Ghusl, and wearing the two-piece Ihram garments.

For the men pilgrims, the garment comprises Rida (the upper portion) and the Izaar (the lower part). Apart from this, the shoes of the men must not hide their ankles. For the women pilgrims, the same outfit is there but they must not cover their face or hands with gloves. However, if the women fear the glance of Non-Mehram men then she can cover the face. In order to enter the state of Ihram, the men pilgrim has to recite Talbiyah in a loud voice whereas the women should utter it softly.

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The way to access Ihram for Hajj?

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