About Eaalim Travel

Makkah and Medinah are two such holy places where individuals go in search of peace of mind. But what if your inner peace is disrupted due to external factors? This is where Eaalim Travels steps in; to be your partner in your journey throughout and make your stay a peaceful and comfortable one. We aim at creating a home-like comfort level for our clients.We offer fully guided sightseeing tours of both Makkah and Medinah. We cater to the travelling needs of groups as well as individuals. Instead of the status of a travel agent providing service, Eaalim Travels actually provides what the travel agents need; we offer great opportunities for worldwide travel agents to offer the best of services to their clients in Makkah, Madinah, and Jeddah.
What is Eaalim Travel?
All our professional guides have vast experience and knowledge of the holy cities. Our guides have attained thorough training and registration with the general Saudi commission for tourism & antiquities. They have also gone through the process of examination and thus, deemed perfect for the job. They can share their fountain of knowledge, facts, and information which can help the visitors better understand and relate to the places they visit.Our VisionOur vision is to spread the message of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and to help them grasp the nature of his exemplary life and character along with spreading knowledge of his role and that of his companions. It is our effort to bring Muslims from around the world closer to their emaan and create visionaries who bring a change in themselves and their community.Indeed, it is true; Allah does not change a nation until they instill changes in themselves.To delve into the study of books of the Seerah is of utmost importance for each Muslim as it develops a bond of love for the Prophet ﷺ and his companions. The basis of Emaan (faith) lies in understanding the life of the Prophet in order to be better Muslims. Calling oneself Muslim is just a claim unless it is supported with a deep love for the Prophet and his life of struggle, piety, and honesty. As Muslim, the eventual aim should be to implant the Prophet's perfect example in all aspects of our lives. Though reading books are one way of attaining knowledge in this regard, the life of the Prophet can be better explained by Eaalim Travel tour guides who impart knowledge about each place where the Prophet صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم lay foot and their significance for us as Muslims.You may ask, why don't i just read a book?While you walk through the places and tread the same path that our Prophet ﷺ walked on you will naturally feel a special bond and connection with holy places and be able to relate to the knowledge already attained from other sources; there is no better way of learning than digging into the history of historical buildings and as for the act of worship.Our AimAt Eaalim travel, we do not aim at making visitors see their travels to the historical places of the holy cities as acts of worship. On the contrary, the point is to impart knowledge about the perfect example of a life set by the Prophet ﷺ and in doing so the idea is to create a deep-set love as well as connection with our faith. Faith without understanding is completely shallow while with knowledge it turns into a medium of change for the individual and his life.