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History of Kaaba in Mecca

Dating back to 1400 years back, the Kaaba was initially constructed by Abraham. Allah جل و عز ordered him to build a house in Mecca following which Abraham arrived at Mecca and asked his son Ismail to assist him in building the house of Allah جل و عز. Both of them constructed Kaaba in such a way that Ismail used to gather stones that were placed by Abraham in the Kaaba. This way Kaaba was created and the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage were commenced as per which every Muslim man and women pilgrim were necessitated to practice Hajj at least one time in their whole life. However, due to certain circumstances, Kaaba was ruined and was rebuilt again by Quraysh and Ibn Zubair.

Once due to the heavy storm and continuous firing in Mecca, the stones of Kaaba became so weak that when the birds or any other creature used to sit on the stones of Kaaba the same used to fly along with the birds. Although initially when Ibn Zubair desired to rebuilt the Kaaba, his entire companions went against his decision except for the few tribes. According to the beliefs of the people, the house of Allah جل و عز is very significant that no one should even try to knock it down.

Another incident associated with Kaaba is the tragedy of Elephants. Abrahah, the king and governor of Yemen crave to destroy Kaaba by sending an army of 13 giant elephants to the palace.  However, Allah جل و عز safeguarded his house by preventing the attempt of elephants to reach Mecca. Whenever the elephants were commanded to march towards Mecca, they failed to move. Likewise, none of the elephant even after continuous order, stand up to destroy Kaaba. After which, Allah جل و عز sent a few birds carrying stones in their peaks. These birds even without hitting any person led to the death of the entire army of Abrahah and the king.

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History of Kaaba in Mecca

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