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How Quraysh reconstructed Kaaba

Following the command of Allah, Ibrahim and Ismail became the first people that build the Kaaba. However, the Kaaba was just a house made up of stones with a height more than that of a man. In the ancient period, the people residing in Mecca used to steal the precious treasures of this house. That’s why to get rid of this, Quraysh desired to reconstruct Kaaba and make a roof over the same. There exists a ruined and demolished ship at Jeddah which was crushed into pieces. The broken pieces of wood of this ship were utilized to build the roof for Kaaba. Once the companions of Quraysh were agreed to participate in the reconstruction process, the operation commenced and the people started picking up the stones and positioned them.

This process was sustained until they reached the spot where black stone i.e., Hajre Aswad (the stone of Paradise) was to be placed. However, the argument regarding the positioning of the black stone was extended and was then converted into a major conflict between the tribes of Quraysh. This dispute was continued for 4-5 days until the companions gathered at a mosque and decided to sort out the issue.

Some famous scholars, when heard about this dispute, said that the first person accessing the gate of Kaaba would place the black stone. The first person that accessed Kaaba was none other than Prophet Mohammed. The people were agreed to follow the decision made by Allah’s messenger. When Prophet Mohammed was told about the situation, he ordered a person to get him a cloak. He took up the stone placed the same in that cloak and invited the people to take the corners of the cloak and lift the black stone. The people lifted it until they brought the stone to its original place. This way the black stone was positioned and the process over it continued.

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How Quraysh reconstructed Kaaba

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