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The significance of Makkah Al-Mukarramah

Makkah is the sacred place of Islam that is often considered as one of the beloved and respected places to Allah and Prophet Mohammed . Makkah is mainly visited by thousands of Muslim pilgrimages to practice Hajj and Umrah each year. Kaaba, often termed as the first house to worship Allah is cited at the hub of this city. It also comprises a black coloured stone i.e., Hajre Aswad, commonly known as the stone of paradise. Allah has also created the place of safety for the holy house and apart from it, the sanctuary and shelter is also provided to the trees, plants, birds, and other such creatures. The flowers here cannot be plucked nor are the people residing or visiting the house of Allah are permitted to cut down the trees or interrupt the birds. This way Almighty has ensured the safety of the entire creatures of the earth.

Makkah was declared a consecrated city from the time when Allah created earth and heaven. When Allah awarded the victory of Makkah to Prophet Mohammed , he admired Allah and praised him. He also said that Allah is the only defender of this holy place. No one has the right to fight here, ruin the vegetation, kill or harm the birds and animals, pick up the things from the palace that doesn’t belong to you, or do any evil deed that disappoints the Almighty. Masjid Al-Haram is one the major mosques of Makkah in which one prayer are equivalent to hundreds of prayer. That is why people often prefer the five times Namaaz in the same mosque.

The person who commits sins or violates the regulations of the country is given a punishment. However, no one can be punished inside the house of Allah. Regardless the fact that the person has committed the offence outside the sanctuary and entered Makkah to get a shield, he entitled to punishment until he comes out of the house.

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The significance of Makkah Al-Mukarramah

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