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The Inviolability of Al-Medina

Medina is one of the most beloved palaces for Allah and his Messenger. There are several Hadiths describing the significance of Medina to Rasul Allah   and this statement does not require evidence. A Hadith narrated by Anas says that Rasul Allah   used to hasten his horse while returning back to Medina. According to the Hadith of Abdullah Bin Zaid, Rasul Allah   made Medina inviolable. The Hadith mentions that Allah’s Messenger performed the same act in Medina as Ibrahim did in Mecca. Ibrahim made the palace inviolable to the people so that those people who reside in Mecca practices righteous and good deeds are entitled to receive the reward of multiple positive deeds. Similarly, Rasul Allah   declared that any person that helps other, do Sadaqa and donation, held fast, pray Namaaz in masjid Al-nabi, and perform the righteous deeds then his rewards are multiplied by one hundred times.

At the same time, Prophet Mohammed  also declared the fact that a person who commits a sin in Medina or provides a shelter to a sinner will be punished by Allah جل و عز. Moreover, Allah’s and his angel’s curse would be upon him. He further stated that Allah جل و عز will not allow Adl and Safr from this person on the Day of Judgment.

No one either the visitor or the person residing in the city is permitted to cut down the trees, disturb or hunt the birds, and pick up the lost material that does not belong to him. Although if he is picking up the object to search and handover its owner then he is practising a righteous deed. Apart from the declaration by Allah’s messenger, this information can also be observed in diverse Islamic books and Hadiths. The inviolability of Medina is similar to that of Al-Mecca. The only difference between the two is that the latter was formed by Rasul Allah   whereas the former was declared by Ibrahim.

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The Inviolability of Al-Medina

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