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Masjid Al Ghamama in Madinah

Several Masjids in the holy city of Madinah are built so as to restore the important moment or events that happened during the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. One of these mosques is located close to Masjid Nabwi and is known as Masjid Ghamama.

Once some people of Madinah came to the Prophet ﷺ  and appealed about the shortage of rain and water and their sufferings due to it. Immediately, the clear sky was covered with black rain clouds, and it started to rain shortly. This practice is followed today also. At the point when there is no rain for quite a while and individuals confront lack of water, they offer namaz e istasqa to approach Allah for rain.

Ghamama in Arabic language means “rain clouds”, and the name of this masjid refers to the incident of sudden rain after prayer for rain was offered at that very spot. Some reports say that the Prophet ﷺ offered eid salah in this Masjid. In this regard this masjid is sometimes referred as Masjid al-eid.

It is also reported that at this place the Prophet ﷺ offered Janazah of Najashi, the king of Abasynia. He was Christian but welcomed the groups of the Muslims who had migrated to his country in order to escape the persecution of the Quraish. He gave warm welcome to the Muslim delegation and offered complete protection. Later on he embraced Islam after observing the Muslims. When he passed away there was no one who could lead his Janazah, so the Prophet ﷺ prayed his funeral prayers, the only time ever, in the absence of the actual body.

Building of mosques like this mosque, as memorials of special events during the life of the Holy Prophet ﷺ was done during the reign of Khalifa Umer bin Abdulaziz. He ordered building of mosques at every place where the Holy Prophet ﷺ offered prayers.


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Masjid Al Ghamama

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