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Masjid Quba in Madinah

A beautiful Masjid that welcomes us all on entering Madinah is the first Masjid built in Islamic history, Masjid Quba. It lies in the area Qua which at the time of migration was an outskirt of Madinah, but today is a part of the Holy city. This was where Prophet ﷺ and his Sahaba remained for 14 days on their trip of migration from Makkah. Here they waited for Ali bin Abi Talib  to join them before entering Madinah.

Here all prayers were offered qasr as this was the temporary stop. History says that the 1st stones of this Masjid were put by Prophet ﷺ himself, and a proper Masjid was worked in the wake of settling in Madinah in the primary year of Hijra.

This Masjid has a very high esteem after Ka’aba and Masjid Nabwi, and its virtue can is mentioned in Qura’an in Surah Tauba: see Qur’an, chapter 9 (At-Tawba), verse 108

It was mentioned that whoever makes wudu (ablution) in his home and then prays at Masjid Quba, the reward is similar to that of Umrah. The hadith was narrated by Ahmed ibn Hanbal.

Prophet ﷺ had a habit of visiting Masjid Quba every Satrurday by foot or camel. It is narrated in multiple books of Sunnah.

It was also mentioned that the Prophet ﷺ used to walk or ride to Masjid Quba, this was narrated by Ibn Omar and in another narration the Prophet would offer 2 Rakat which Abdullah ibn Omar used to do the same. [Muslim & Bukhari]

The Masjid that was built first on this earth was Masjid Al-Haram by Ibrahim, and the first Masjid built by the Messenger of Allah ﷺ the seal of the Prophets was Masjid Quba. Masjid Al-Haram and Masjid Quba were both chosen by Allah.

The Mosque of Quba was looked after by the later generations and was later renovated by Uthman ibn Affaan and Umar ibn ‘Abd Azeez, and the last expansion was in 1406 AH.

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Masjid Quba

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