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Masjid As-shajarah

Masjid As-Shajarah is situated towards the North of Makkah close to Maulla burial ground and inverse to Masjid Jinn.  This Masjid marks the historic moment when Prophet ﷺ showed a miracle in front of the disbelievers.

According to the history, this Masjid is built on the point where Prophet ﷺ was sitting once, when some disbelievers of the Quraish tribe came and rejected Prophet ﷺ invitation towards Islam and his Prophethood. At that occasion, the Prophet ﷺ prayed to Allah Almighty in these words, “O Allah! Show me such a sign after which I would have no concern for the rejection of the people.”

The Prophet ﷺ was then instructed by Allah Almighty to summon the nearby tree to come towards him and the tree came to him and greeted Prophet ﷺ with Salaam. He then instructed it to go back to its original place, which it obeyed and stood back on it place. The disbelievers, however, still didn’t accept the Oneness of Allah.  After this the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said, “I now have no concern for the people’s rejection.”

This Masjid is normally confused with the meeqat of Madinah Dul-Hulaifah which is also at times known as Masjid As-Shajarah. The reasons of both mosques having same name is because of presence of the tree. At Dul-Hulaifah the Holy Prophet ﷺ put on his Ihram under the tree and offered Nawafil for niyyah when he was going for Umrah in 10th Hijri.

This masjid was built in remembrance of the great miracle of Prophethood and Oneness of Allah.  Although signs of oneness of Allah Almighty were evident but the hearts of the disbelievers were dark and ignorant and they rejected and resisted the message of Islam as much as they could. But it is a matter of fact that ultimate glory was given to Islam and the Muslims.

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Masjid As-shajarah

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