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Rules of residing in Mecca

Mecca, Saudi Arabia is the consecrated palace that comprises one of the most significant pilgrimages of Islam that is Hajj and Umrah. Mecca is mainly visited by Muslims to practice Hajj in the last Islamic month i.e., Dhul Hijja. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam following Salah, Zakat, Sawm, and Shahadah. It is an obligatory act that each Muslim is necessitated to perform at least once in their entire lifespan. Kaaba often known as the first house of Allah is located in the centre of this city. Allah has also created the sanctuary and shelter for birds, plants, and trees here.

Any Muslim man and woman are permitted to reside in Mecca and sustain their life in the same palace. One of the major advantages of residing in this sacred city is that the good deeds of a person would be multiplied by hundreds and thousands. However, at the same time, Muslims must not forget that the similar penalty is applicable to the sins. If a person commits sins in Mecca then the same deeds will be multiplied by hundreds.

The evidence of the fact that living in Mecca is permissible is that Prophet Mohammed   himself lived in the city and his entire Ummah belonged to the same palace. Az-Zamakhshari said that “we tried finding a place full of peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah. However, no other place other than Mecca was appropriate. He further mentioned what is better than surviving near the house of Allah? It will not only aid one to stay away from evil deeds and Shaytan but the same has many more merits such as following the pious path as directed by Prophet Mohammed , getting rid of temptation, enhancing the focus, multiplying the rewards of good deeds, and worshipping at the place that is most beloved to Allah and his messenger.

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Rules of residing in Mecca

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