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Battle of Uhud in Medina

During the 625 AD, the group led by Abu Sufyan announced a battle against the people of Medina. Prophet Mohammed  when came to know about the beginning of the battle, he immediately advanced towards the army, however, before he could approach the army force, more than one-fourth of the soldiers belonging to the group of Abd-Allah Ibn Ubayy departed rather than joining the army. The battle took place in Medina where the force of Mecca outnumbered the army of Rasul Allah . Now the key challenge for the Muslim group was to fight and win the battle with a small group of people.

In order to safeguard the Muslim army and hit the rivals, Prophet Mohammed plotted a strategy and commanded some of the professional archers to stand up on the hill and watch out the army of rivals coming up from Mecca.  when the battle grew serious, the force of Abu Sufyan was somewhat decided to withdraw. However, the archers that were cited up on the hill felt annoyed as their work was confined to examine the Meccans army. Ultimately, the force of Muslim archers planned to chase the retreated Abu Sufyan’s force. Though some of the people in this archers group stayed at their position and tried to convince their companions to not disobey the order given by Rasul Allah . The archers didn’t listen to these people and left their position.

However, the retreat of Meccans force was actually a plotted strategy to lure the Muslim army force to leave the position from the hillside. This was because the hillside was the best spot to examine the rivals and take action upon them that’s why the cavalry force of Mecca desired to procure that spot. The Muslims archers were trapped by the cavalry force on the hillside and were slaughtered. The remaining archers that stayed there tried to hit the arrows on the Meccans but they were very few to fight with the Meccans

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Battle of Uhud in Medina

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