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Guardianship of Kaaba under Uthman

The custodianship of Kaaba was transformed from Tasm to Jurhum and when Jurhum violated the rules of the house, Allah جل و عزdemolished them and the guardianship was passed on to Qusai Bin Qilab. After his custodianship, the post was passed to the successors of Qusai bin Qilab and ultimately Uthman became the keeper of Kaaba. The ancient Islamic records state that under the leadership of Uthman, the house of Allah remained open only on Monday and Thursday. There held an incident when Rasul Allah  along with his companions came to Mecca to practice Hajj and access Kaaba. The behaviour of Uthman towards him was rude and annoying. at the same time, Prophet Mohammed , dealing patiently with him stated that one day the key of this house would be on the hand of Allah’s Messenger and he would assign the duty of the guardianship of Kaaba to the person he wants.

When Rasul Allah     entered Kaaba, Uthman was still stuck in the fact mentioned by Rasul Allah . He was scared that the guardianship of Kaaba will be held in the hand of Mohammed     as stated by him. Though Uthman had a desire to become Muslim and the follower of Prophet Mohammed , he knew that his companions and tribes will not accept his decision and will rebuke him. At this time, the Prophet Mohammed   and his tribes were performing the right of Umrah and were processing the Tawaf (circumambulation around Kaaba).  Even though he was afraid of the reaction of his tribes, Uthman decided to approach Allah’s Messenger and give him the allegiance accepting Islam i.e., Allah جل و عز and his Rasul. However, before he consults, Rasul Allah   went back to Al-Medina.

In order to meet Rasul Allah , Uthman left for Medina in the same night along with Khalid bin Al-Walid. On arriving at Medina, Uthman gave the allegiance to Rasul Allah  and became Muslim.

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Guardianship of Kaaba under Uthman

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