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The destruction of Kaaba

According to the Hadith narrated by Allah’s Rasul Allah   i.e., Prophet Rasul Allah , the house of Allah جل و عز would be ruined in the concluding period of the earth. This hadith was revealed to the people by Abu Hurairah. He said that Rasul Allah narrated that Kaaba will be devastated by a person with thin legs belonging to Abyssinia.

According to the famous narration of Amir al-Mumineen, Prophet Rasul Allah   often used to recommend the people to give as much Tawaf (the seven circuits around Kaaba often known as the process of circumambulation) as they can as he was able to see the men having a tiny head with small ears coming towards the house and knocking down the same with a shovel. Allah’s Rasul Allah   further added that the person is bow-legged and is destroying the Kaaba by removing each stone. According to other narrations, the house of Allah جل و عز would be ruined by its own group of people. Moreover, the Kaaba would be demolished in a manner that no one in this entire world would be capable to reconstruct the same again. These people after destroying the Kaaba will steal the whole wealth and treasure of the house.

However, the records as per the book of Hajar i.e., Fath al-Bari states that initially, the Allah جل و عز will not allow them to ruin the Kaaba and the people that will move to destroy the same will be gulped down by the earth. But the second time when an army come to destroy it will successfully reach the palace and ruin it. In short, the first attempt of the army would be failed whereas in the very next attempt towards Kaaba would be accomplished. Apart from this, the Hadith also states that this incident will happen in the end time of the earth when no one in this earth would say ‘Allah’ جل و عز and thus, the same would never be rebuilt.

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The destruction of Kaaba

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