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Entering Makkah

Every Muslim intends to perform Hajj or Umrah has to wear Ihram from the point of Miqat. After entering the state of Ihram, he has to restrict himself from smoking, drinking, fighting, killing animals, using perfumes, cutting nails or shaving his hair, wearing stitched garments (not applicable on women pilgrims) and some other acts. Once he is in the state of Ihram and violates any of the prohibitions, he has to compensate for it otherwise his state of Ihram is terminated and he can no longer continue.

They used to travel on camels or horses and it took long time to reach Makkah in time.

After entering the state of Ihram, pilgrims must start traveling towards Makkah. In old times, people started pilgrimage for Hajj months in advance. They used to travel on camels or horses and it took long time to reach Makkah in time. However, with the passage of time, means of transport improved and people started traveling by road, sea or air. Today, most of the Muslims traveling from far flung areas of the world travel by air for hajj. The pilgrims who live near Saudi Arabia or within Miqat and Makkah, however, often prefer to travel by road. Whatever the means of transport is, when the pilgrims enter Makkah, they have to follow the prescribed manner. Makkah is the most sacred place for the Muslims in the world, and they enter Makkah with utmost respect.

The Holy Kaaba holds a crucial value in Islam. This is known as first house of Allah which was constructed by the Prophet Ibrahim hundreds of years ago. Before Islam, the Kuffar filled it with their gods and goddesses made of stone. There is a black sacred stone, called hajr e aswad which held significant importance for centuries. After Makkah was conquered by the Muslims, Hazrat Ali, broke all of them and since then it has been the center of Islamic population all over the world. Every day thousands of Muslims pray here five times a day. During Ramadhan and Hajj months, the number of Muslims is even larger.


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Entering Makkah

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