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A brief history of the Muslims Hajj pilgrimage

The popular city of Saudi Arabia i.e., ‘Mecca’ is termed as the spiritual spot for the Muslims. A large number of Muslims residing in diverse countries visits this holy city to offer their prayers to Allah. However, the last month of the Islamic calendar that is Zul Hijja is mainly known for the Hajj pilgrimage. As per the famous surveys, around 1.3 billion of people gather in Mecca during the normal months but in the month of Zul Hijja, the number extends a lot. This mainly happens because Hajj can be performed only in the last Islamic month and aid the pilgrim’s to connect to Allah and seek his merciful blessings.

The practice of Hajj pilgrimage once in your life is an essentiality for all the Muslims and the same is considered to be the Islamic faith. According to the recent estimations, there are 2.5 million of people that visit Mecca to perform Hajj at least once in their lifetime.

The foundation of this hajj pilgrimage is said to be 2000 years back when Ismail, the newborn son of Ibrahim and Hager were jammed in the desert. Ismail was about to die due to the thirst for water but Hager arranged the water running in the hills of Safa and Marwa. While she was searching for the water, Jibril (the angel of Allah) appeared and developed the spring of water for the child. This spring is now commonly known as ‘Abe Zemzem

As per Allah’s order, Ibrahim further created a huge black-colored monument that is ‘Kaaba’ for all the believers and worshippers of Islam. During 630 A.D, Prophet Mohammed ﷺ led a group of people and practiced hajj pilgrimage the very first time. The Allah’s Messenger ﷺ also ruined the idols of Polytheistic worshippers and made the place in the name of Allah.

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A brief history of the Muslims pilgrimage Hajj

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