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The significance of Hajj for Muslims

The significance hajj in Mecca is considered to be one of the essential and top-most holiest cities of Muslims. The rituals and holy book of Islam state that every Muslim men and woman must visit Mecca and perform Hajj at least once before the end of their life. According to the Islamic calendar, Hajj begins in the last month i.e., Dhu al-Hijja and is practiced in diverse locations of Mecca. This tradition is sustaining from 1400 years back when Prophet Mohammed went on Hajj in the last year of his life that is 632AD.

During five days prior to the conclusion of Hajj, people are required to enter Ihram that is often known as ‘the state of purity’. However, there are various restrictions to enter the spot, for instance, men and women have to wrap up the white colored attire that is Ihram garments all over their body and women are strictly needed to cover their head. During these hours, the practitioner can neither cut their nails nor the hair.

The first step to perform after entering Mecca is to take rounds of Ka’ba, a black-colored cube-shaped structure sited at the hub of the holy place. The pilgrim facing the Ka’ba takes seven rounds of the same in an anti-clockwise direction. Muslim also visits the two hills where they believe that the miracle water that safeguards the life of Hajira (the second wife of Ibrahim) and her son Ismail from dying due to thirst appears.

Even though accomplishing Hajj is not an easy task but the rewards it offers are extremely astonishing. As per the beliefs of the famous people, a Muslim that dies while performing Hajj rises in heaven. Moreover, once the significance Hajj is completed following all the rituals, the entire sins of Muslim get erased and the person is considered as that of a newborn child i.e., clean and pure.

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The significance of Hajj in Muslims

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