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The way to enter Mecca during Hajj

The pilgrims must enter the Mecca or Makkah through ‘Kada’, the uppermost section of Mecca and at the time of departing from the palace, pilgrims should prefer passing through Kuda i.e., the bottom-most portion of Mecca. Though it is not mandatory for the Muslims to follow the same route, Prophet Mohammed   and his companions always used to enter Mecca in the same way. Hence, it is advisable to follow the path preferred by Rasul Allah   . Apart from the entrance spot, the best time to access Mecca is during the day as the pilgrims fail to attend Tawaf and Nafl prayers if they enter Mecca after sunrise.

Once you enter Mecca, the very initial step you must take is to visit Masjid al-Haram and also it is obligatory to opt for going through ‘Bani Shayba’ (a door of Masjid al-Haram) as Prophet Mohammed always recommended entering this mosque passing through the same gate. After this, the entire Muslim men and women are necessitated to make the intention of performing Hajj and commence the same by taking seven circuits around Ka’bah i.e., known as Tawaf.

They are also required to touch and kiss the black stone which is often termed as the stone of paradise (Hajre Aswad). If the pilgrim cannot touch it with the hands then they can touch and kiss the stone using stick. Although kissing the black stone is a Sunnah before beginning Tawaf, The pilgrims that are unable to reach and access this stone or touch it are permitted to raise both of their hands up and pronounce Allahu Akbar looking at the direction of the stone. Usually, due to the presence of thousands of people near Kaaba, it becomes troublesome for pilgrims to reach the stone. Once the pilgrims accomplish the rituals of stones, they can proceed for Tawaf.

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The way to enter Mecca during Hajj

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