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Masjid Al Jinn

Masjid Jinn is otherwise called Masjid Haras or Masjid Bayah. This Masjid is built on the point where Abdullah ibn Masood  stopped on the command of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ when they went to meet Jinns who wanted to embrace Islam.

The occasion which prompted the building of this masjid is described in Hadith by Abdullah ibn Masood in two marginally different ways.

In some places it is also stated that at first a jinn or a group of jinn heard Prophet (PBUH) reciting Quran unknowingly and not showing themselves. When they returned to their tribe and told about the book of Allah and the Prophet ﷺ and all the good things he taught. At that point the clan chose to go to the Prophet ﷺ and approach him for his prophethood and God. It was then that the above mentioned incident occurred. The recited verses were from Surah Jinn of Quran in which all the conversation was narrated by Allah, listening to which the tribe accepted the invitation of embracing Islam. A few books likewise say that the Prophet ﷺ led the fajr salah for the Jinn clan and thus, this Masjid Jinn appeared.

It is also believed that even now Jinn tribes come and offer prayers in this Masjid. At first this Masjid was utilised by police for their night gatherings, however now it has all the features of masjid. Consistently, a charity breakfast is likewise sorted out for the general people who come for umra and Haj.

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