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Prohibited things during Ihram

Hajj is one of the basic elements of Islam. It has its special rituals, pre requisites and pattern that have to be followed by the pilgrims from all over the world intending to perform Hajj. One of the essentials of Hajj is Ihram.

Being in the state of Ihram means to abide by some rules specified by Islam

Ihram is a special robe or unstitched dress, white in color, and a binding on all the Hajj pilgrims. They have to wear it from the designated place from where their pilgrimage for Hajj starts, known as Miqat. During the statge of Ihram , Muslims have to follow some rules and have to restrict themselves from some actions clearly elaborated in Islamic teachings.

Once a Muslim, man or woman, intends to perform Hajj and reaches the point of Miqat, he or she has to maintain the state of Ihram. Being in the state of Ihram means to abide by some rules specified by Islam. Trimming or shaving any body hair is forbidden during the state of Ihram. Cutting toe or finger nails is also Haram (forbidden).

The Muslim men are not allowed to cover their heads while they are wearing Ihram. Similarly they cannot wear stitched clothes or shoes. Muslim women, however, wear Ihram in a different way. They can wear any dress according to Islamic directions, yet they are not permitted to cover their face amid Ihram.

Killing and hunting of animals is strictly forbidden during the state of Ihram. Having marital relations is also forbidden during this time. Using perfume and deodorants, make up items or cosmetics is also forbidden. If somebody violates a rule, he has to offer an animal as a sacrifice. In case a person violates more than one rule, he has to perform more than one sacrifice. If a Muslim violates the rules or his Ihram gets dirty, wiped in liquid perfume or other stuff, it has to be replaced with a new one. Otherwise, hajj or umra is nullified and becomes invalid.

In addition to this, looking flirtatiously at other women, entertaining filthy thoughts, using dirty language, fighting, swearing and smoking is also not allowed for the Muslims during the state of Ihram.

The purpose of restricting the Muslims from certain acts is to keep them clean, cleansed and focused towards Hajj and its obligations and stay away from diversions. As hajj is one of the biggest congregations in the world, there have to be some rules and restrictions so that a certain discipline and unity is displayed.

These rules and restrictions also create sense of humbleness, simplicity, and equality among the Muslims. They learn to dress alike, behave according to the rules, and concentrate on their relation with their Creator and ask for His forgiveness. The Ihram and the prohibitions during the state of Ihram kill the pride, snobbishness and superiority complex within the Muslims and make them better , down to earth, harmless people.

It also portrays the value of Islamic rules and teachings for Muslims. They leave behind their worldly desires, restrain themselves from wearing expensive clothes, having fun, harming others and completely abide by certain pattern of worship,in order to please their Lord and seek His forgiveness.



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Prohibited things during Ihram

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