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Bir Tuwa (Well of Tuwa)

The valley of Tuwa, which was situated outside Makkah 1400 years ago, is now a part of Makkah and known as Jurwal. This has a well know as Bir Tuwa. This is sacred well and it is said that many bani Israel prophets have bathed in its water.

It is narrated in books that when Prophet Mohammad ﷺ planned to take over Makkah, he along with his companions spent night at this well. The next morning army was divided in two groups, one was headed by Khalid Bin Waleed, and entered Makkah from the side where now i Khalid Bin Waleed Road is situated, the other group was headed by the Prophet ﷺ himself and entered from Khudai area.

It is also written in books that Abdullah bin Umar always spent night at this place whenever he entered Makkah. Al-Zaraqi told that wife of Haroon Rashid, Zubaidah, built a masjid at this location.

This well is now a part of Makkah and was about to enter Haram expansion because Jurwal area is whole evacuated and demolished.

The valley of Tuwa is mentioned in the Holy Quran at two points:

Verse 79:16

Verse 20:12

The valley mentioned in Quran is between Egypt and Madina. This is the place where Musa was called by Allah and talked to him.

Now in many places it is said that the valley near Makkah and the valley mentioned in Quran are same, but at some places it is said that both valleys are two separate places at different locations.

While visiting Makkah and Madina, pilgrims often visit the well Bir Tuwa and drink water from there.

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Bir Tuwa (Well of Tuwa)

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