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How did Ibn Zubair practice Umrah in the rebuilt of Kaaba?

Ibn Zubair not only included the Hijr in the Kaaba but also designed two doors i.e., one for the entrance of the people and another for the exit. Likewise, Ibn Zubair succeeded in constructing the house of Allah جل و عز as per the foundation of Ibrahim. After accomplishing the mission of the construction of the Kaaba, he covered the inner and outer structure correspondingly the top and bottom corners with a cloth called as ‘Qibati’. Ibn Zubair then stated that those who have given Ba’iyat to him shall commence the pilgrimage of Umrah and slaughter either a camel or a cow in the name of Almighty. He further said that if the pilgrims are unable to afford cow or camel then they must prefer a sheep to sacrifice after Umrah.

Ibn Zubair commenced the pilgrimage of Umrah from At-Tanim and the people a offered him allegiance followed Ibn Zubair and successfully accomplished their Umrah. It is often believed that there never exists a day in thousands of slaves were freed, a large number of sacrifices took place, and indefinable charity was offered to the poor and needy.

On that day, Ibn Zubair and his companions slaughtered hundreds of animals. While performing Tawaf, Ibn Zubair touched the entire four sides of the Kaaba and mentioned that the two sides i.e., western and Syrian remained untouched by the people before the reconstruction of the house as the same was unfinished. Similarly, the entire tribes following him used to touch the four sides of Kaaba and use one gate for entrance while another for the exit. However, after the death of Ibn Zubair, Hajjaj accessed Kaaba and observed the two gates and wrote a letter describing the present scenario of Kaaba to Abdul Malik.

Abdul Malik commanded the Hajjaj to eliminate the western down and restrict the entry and exit of the people.

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How did Ibn Zubair practice Umrah in the rebuilt of Kaaba?

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