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How to Practice Hajj Pilgrimage Jamrah after Umrah?

Hajj pilgrimage is commenced on the 8th day of the last Islamic month i.e., Dhul Hijja. On this day, Muslims take a shower and purify their body and soul to get engaged in the practice of Hajj pilgrimage. Since Umrah covers almost every essential ritual i.e., Tawaf (seven circuits around Ka’bah) and Sa’I (running back and forth in the hills of Safa and Marwah seven times), the pilgrims wear Ihram and proceed to Mina. The entire Muslim men and women (except for those dealing with their menstrual period) pray Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Ishaa, and Fajr Namaaz in the mosque of Mina. Generally, due to the lack of time, pilgrims combine the two times Namaaz into one unit praying two Ra’khas for each. Jamrah.

On the second day in Mina, Pilgrims proceed to Arafah Pahar and stay in the Namira mosque until the sunset. The pilgrims should spend these precious hours seeking the blessings of Allahو جل عز, chanting his name, reciting the holy book Quran, and asking for forgiveness as the famous Islamic scholars believe that the Pahar of Arafa is one of the most consecrated palaces of Hajj pilgrimages where Allah و جل عزbestows his blessings to the believers.

During the sunset, the pilgrims head towards Muzdalifah, pray the five times Salah (prayer) in the mosque of the same and prepare for the next day of Jamrah ritual. However, the person that either suffers from a hazardous disease or feels weak to accomplish the rites of Jamrah is permitted to go back to Mina. After the sunrise, Muslims has to proceed to Jamra al-Aqabah and throw stones on the Pahar. It is believed that these stones are thrown on the evil spirits (shaytan). Once the pilgrims have finished the same, they have to sacrifice an animal in the name of Allahو جل عز. The Hajj pilgrimage is concluded once the animal is slaughtered and distributed.

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How to Practice Hajj after Umrah? Jamrah

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