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What is the Ruling on Umrah Pilgrimage?

Umrah pilgrimage is the holy pilgrim that is performed by Muslims throughout the year. Generally, a large number of Islamic believers come from diverse countries in the world to unify their souls. Umrah is often considered as one of the major acts that aid the practitioner to seek Allah’s blessings and to gain forgiveness for the entire sins they did in their past. Although Hajj and Umrah are performed in the similar region i.e., Mecca and the rulings of both are alike, they can be differentiated on the basis of time and restrictions. Hajj is performed in the last month of Islamic calendar i.e., Dhul Hijja whereas the later can be practiced throughout the year.

This act of worship is only acceptable if the practitioner meets two essential conditions that are:

  • Honesty towards Allah – Umrah pilgrimage is practiced to worship and pray the Lord rather than to show off in order to gain reputation from people. therefore, your mind and soul must be towards Allah’s direction
  • Following the Sunnah mentioned by the Prophet Mohammed (peace of Allah upon him). This Sunnah includes some major concepts before going for Umrah that is Ihram (a piece of white garments to be worn by men and women opting for Umrah Pilgrimage and Hajj),  ‘Tawaaf’ between Safa and Marwa, and shaving of men’s hair

The scholars believe that though Umrah is an act of integrity, the same is not termed to be obligatory. According to the perspective of Abu Haneefah and Imam Malik, Umrah is a Sunnah (recommended) but not Fardh (mandatory). Besides, the famous Hadith al-Trimidhi described by Jaabir state that once Prophet Mohammed SAW was questioned whether Umraah is a Sunnah or compulsory? Prophet Mohammed SAW replied that Umrah is an act of Sunnah but practicing it can free your soul from sins and evil acts.

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What is the Ruling on Umrah?

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